Typhoon Haishen Predicted to Significantly Damage Southwestern Japan

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Typhoon Haishen, the third strongest typhoon this year, is on its way to hit North and South Korea, as well as southwestern Japan. This raises many flags, as some buildings have been strongly hit by Typhoon Maysak, along with heavy flooding. 

According to “Japan Times,” Haishen is expected to bring conditions similar to a category 3 or category 4 hurricane. Residents were told to be ready to evacuate early. Haishen is, “forecast to remain at the cusp of Category 5 intensity on Friday, and stay at super typhoon strength, with sustained winds of 150 mph or higher, through at least Saturday.” 

The storm is predicted to hit the island of Okinawa on Sunday, and afterwards to hit the island of Kyushu. Right after it hits Japan, meteorologists are expecting for the typhoon to hit Korea. However, South Korea’s Yonhap News Agency reports that the typhoon may not hit the country at all. Along with this, they believe that after the typhoon hits Japan, its strength may weaken a little. 

If Haishen were to hit Korea, “it would also be the fifth typhoon to strike there this season, which would be a new record,” according to NHK World meteorologist, Sayaka Mori, as well as a historical storm database maintained by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. 

Typhoon Haishen will likely be very burdensome to these countries that have already been hit by a typhoon this week, especially since the cities that were hit are still struggling with the damages Typhoon Maysak caused.