Trump’s Social Media Accounts Permanently Suspended after Pro-Trump riot

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On January 8th, Twitter permanently suspended President Donald Trump’s Twitter account after the invasion on Capitol Hill in the White House. After the invasion on Wednesday, Trump’s account was initially temporarily suspended for 24 hours, but officiated the permanence due to the President’s, “further incitement of violence,” as stated in a Twitter blog post.  

The riots at Capitol Hill consisted of supporters of President Trump storming the Capitol.  During the riot, lawmakers were certifying President-elect Joe Biden’s win from the November election.  The crowd stormed into the U.S. government building mostly unmasked, wearing Trump “Make America Great Again” flags and merchandise, some armed with firearms as well, as reported by USA Today.  The Capitol ordered a lockdown.  The aftermath resulted in the death of four people, more than 50 injured officers, and many facing federal charges and arrests, says The New York Times.  

Not only was Trump’s Twitter suspended, but other social media platforms like Facebook have banned the President for the remainder of his term.  They state that they have extended his block on Facebook and Instagram for at least two weeks, NPR recalls.  In a statement made by Facebook, the company will be searching their platform for content that includes praise and support of the Capitol riots, encouragement of weaponry, calls for peaceful protests that break curfew guidelines, and other restagings of violence. 

Soon after the riots, President-elect Joe Biden made a live announcement about the Capitol Hill riots by stating, “I call on President Trump to go on national television now to fulfill his oath and defend the constitution and demand an end to this siege. It’s not protest. It’s insurrection.” Donald Trump later films a YouTube video which tells rioters to “Go home. We love you. You’re very special,” and that “the [2020 U.S. Presidential] election was stolen from us.” Consequently, YouTube banned the video to “support the integrity of the 2020 U.S. Presidential election,” and combatting any further violence and misinformation as stated in their blog post.