Tom Cruise to Film New Movie in Space

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This week, it was revealed that Tom Cruise will reportedly be taking flight in October 2021 for a new movie he will be shooting in space, according to People. The Space Shuttle Almanac Twitter account verified that the International Space Station will be flying Cruise and director Doug Liman, accompanied by NASA pilot Michael Lopez-Alegria, to space, recalls Yahoo. 

Earlier this year, there was a Zoom call with Cruise, Liman, writer Christopher McQuarrie, and producer P.J. van Sandwijk to pitch the movie, despite not having a movie title nor script. However, Universal has committed an estimated $200 million for the film, even though it is still in the early stages of production. Although the name of the film is unknown, and the script is not finished, it would be the first movie shot in space, making this film a groundbreaking moment in cinematic history.  

Cruise and Liman have worked with each other on films like “Edge of Tomorrow” and “American Made.” Currently, Cruise is finishing up on filming the “Mission: Impossible” franchise, but the production has been pushed back due to the coronavirus, says Deadline.  Sources say Elon Musk and NASA will work closely on this production with the crew of the movie.  

Cruise is known to be experienced in performing his own stunts for his movies. He is a licensed pilot, which will likely be useful for this upcoming movie. He has done many dangerous stunts for his movies, like riding his motorbike off a cliff, performing plane crash stunts, jumping between roofs, going underwater for long periods of time, rock climbing, etc.