Representative AOC Plays Video Game “Among Us” On Twitch to Encourage Voting

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On October 20th, Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez played an emerging online video game, Among Us, on Twitch, a popular game-streaming platform.  She played the game alongside streamers, Pokimane, Hasanabi, Dr. Lupo, and several others, along with Minnesota Congresswoman Ilhan Omar to encourage and inform viewers about the importance of voting.  Early on Tuesday, she tweeted, “Join me, @pokimanelol, @hasanthehun, & more on Twitch TONIGHT as we help folks make a voting plan at and officially declare orange sus [in reference to President Donald Trump] on Among Us.”

According to Forbes, AOC’s stream peaked at 440, 000 views, one of Twitch’s largest streams in history.  AOC hasn’t been the only politician to use video game services to appeal to voters.  In early September, the Biden-Harris Campaign launched Animal Crossing: New Horizons yard signs to promote the former Vice President’s campaign.  Among Us, a game made by developer Innersloth has gained popularity in 2020 among younger people.  The game is a multiplayer game featuring astronauts and the objective of the game is to vote out the “Imposter” or killer of the game if assigned the opposing “Crewmate,” similarly to the traditional “Mafia” game.  

Before playing the game, AOC states, “We are here to vote blue… We have the ability to vote Trump out of office, to vote for a Biden-Kamala ticket. Let’s make sure we change this country.”  On AOC’s first round of Among Us, she played as the “Imposter” in the game.  She then proceeded with a few rounds alongside popular live streamers with lighthearted jokes and a live stream, “largely free of political commentary,” reports Washington Post. She ultimately concluded the live stream with her urge for young people to register and plan to vote.