President-Elect Biden Breaks his Foot in an accident

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Former-Vice President Biden has sported the title President-Elect for almost a month now and for the next few weeks, he will also be sporting an orthopedic walking boot. According to Kevin O’Connor, Biden’s personal physician, following a fall while playing with one of his German shepherd’s Major, Biden was thought to have simply sprained his ankle on Saturday. However, following a CT exam on Sunday afternoon, it was discovered Biden had instead fractured his foot. In an official statement, O’Connor revealed that, “Initial x-rays did not show any obvious fracture, but his clinical exam warranted more detailed imaging. Follow-up CT scan confirmed hairline (small) fractures of President-elect Biden’s lateral and intermediate cuneiform bones, which are in the mid-foot. It is anticipated that he will likely require a walking boot for several weeks.”

Not wanting the boot to slow down his momentum, Biden is still set to resume his plans for the upcoming week which include announcing top economic advisors and receiving briefings that were withheld from him by current President Donal Trump until recently. Despite a lack of ample evidence that Biden won the White House fraudulently, Trump and his administration have insisted that election fraud occurred, launching lawsuits in a multitude of states to prove as much. With Wisconsin acting as the most recent state to affirm Biden’s win, it is unlikely that Trump will remain in the White House after January. Biden at age 78 will be the oldest President to be inaugurated into office, and with Major, alongside his other shepherd, Champ Biden will be restoring the long-held tradition broken by Trump of having dogs in the White House.