The No Cap News Team

No Cap News is run by international student-run team, fully dedicated to keeping youth around the world informed on the most pressing global geopolitical, economic, and social issues of our time–thereby empowering them to be engaged, globally-aware individuals.

Management Team

The No Cap News (NCN) Management Team guides the organization’s overall efforts to carry out its mission to the fullest extent possible.

Rocco Fantini
Founder & Executive Director
A founder of NCN, Rocco currently acts as executive director of the overall organization at large.
Talia Laleh
Managing Director
Currently serving as a managing director, Talia helps lead NCN staffers' overall work in all areas of the organization.
Sara Blumkin
Engagement Director
Serving as engagement director, Sara leads initiatives to enhance the experience of NCN's audience.
Aara Nanavaty
Organizational Secretary
As the organizational secretary for NCN, Aara ensures that team-wide interactions are logged for posterity.
Cassidy Dalva
Founder & Marketing Director
As one of NCN's founders, Cassidy serves as the organization's marketing director, leading efforts to expand its reach.
Shayan Moshtael
Managing Director
As a managing director, Shayan helps guide efforts to organize staffers' work, maintaining a cohesive team in doing so.
Abdullah Rafique
Advisory Director
As a provisional director, Abdullah offers guidance on executive decisions while also performing various project-related roles.
Efaz Muhaimen
Technical Director
Serving as technical director, Efaz leads our flagship technology-focused projects and advises on general technical matters.
News Reporting Team

The No Cap News (NCN) News Reporting Team writes and publishes the articles that serve as the organization’s backbone.

Rayan Ansari
As an NCN editor, Rayan is responsible for overviewing writers' articles in upholding accuracy, objectivity, and non-partisanship.
Grace Mundy
Understanding the importance of informative and accurate news sources, Grace pens myriad articles as an NCN staff writer.
Katheryne Menendez
Staff Writer (General)
Katheryne covers a variety of topics in and around the sphere of American and political issues as a leading NCN staff writer.
Alyana Castro
Staff Writer (Environmental)
As a staff writer, Alyana remains engaged with myriad issues across the world in writing various pieces for NCN.
Pierre Baza
Staff Writer (Politics)
An NCN staff writer, Pierre Baza has always had a passion for all things under the umbrella of study.
George Khouri
Staff Writer (Politics)
As a staff writer, George's articles provide a non-partisan view of political affairs—proving vital to NCN's primary, informative mission.
Elisabeth Dominguez
Staff Writer (General)
As an NCN staff writer, Elisabeth cultivates her understanding of world issues through penning various articles related to them.
Charleen Lui
Staff Writer (General)
As a staffer, Charleen aims to deliver headlines in an objective, non-partisan, and comprehensive manner to readers.
Ethan Kung
Staff Writer (General)
A podcast host, gaming enthusiast, and rock music aficionado, Ethan covers a wide-ranging variety of global topics for NCN.
David Antonio Herrera
Staff Writer (Politics)
Serving as an NCN staff writer, David writes about various politically-related topics, remaining true to fact at all times.
Manya Kodali
Staff Writer (Politics)
Having honed her communication skills through Speech & Debate, Manya current serves as a staff writer for NCN.
Collin Origer
Staff Writer (Politics)
With a lifelong passion for writing, Collin seeks to engage with a broad, international audience as an NCN staff writer.
Michelle Yi
Staff Writer (Politics)
As an NCN staff writer, Michelle covers a variety of issues in informing youth in a nonpartisan and digestible fashion.
Hannah Howell
Staff Writer (STEM)
As a staff writer, Hannah hopes to inform and interest readers to explore a variety of topics on their own.
Natalie Shtangrud
Serving as editor, Natalie guides efforts to uphold NCN's core values, reflected in all the articles penned by writers.
Alina Issakhanian
Having always enjoyed being informed and shining light on often-ignored topics, Alina manifests such interests as a staff writer.
Chloe Zitsow
Staff Writer (Politics)
As a politically-minded NCN staff writer, Chloe writes articles detailing today's increasingly tense political climate.
Sargis Azizyan
Staff Writer (European Affairs)
Serving as staff writer, Sargis covers various topics in and around the European sphere, dedicating to informing the global youth.
Kaisly Moreno
Staff Writer (General)
Serving as staff writer, Kaisly writes articles on issues both at home (in the U.S.) and abroad, expanding NCN's overall scope.
Kerry Sempelsz
Staff Writer (Politics)
A devout thespian, Kerry serves as a staff writer, focusing particularly on the tense atmosphere that dominates U.S. politics.
Donovan Seelinger
Staff Writer (General)
Staffer Donovan Seelinger enjoys applying esoteric philosophy in critiquing the modern world and current happenings.
Bodhi Silberling
Staff Writer (General)
Always curious about how the world works, Bodhi remains involved both on his school campus as well as at NCN.
Victor Meza
Staff Writer (General)
Passionate about social justice issues, Victor loves reporting about current events in often-ignored social groups as an NCN staffer.
Alisha Hassanali
Staff Writer (General)
A passionate speech and debate participant, Alisha loves using her voice to shed light on often-ignored issues across the globe.
Elizabeth Bratton
Staff Writer (General)
As an NCN staffer, Elizabeth has built experience as Editor-in-Chief at Doorstep News, aiming for a career in journalism.
Rohan Sheth
Staff Writer (General)
With a love for writing and current affairs, Rohan loves doing thorough research for projects covering myriad global issues.
Margarita Suárez
Staff Writer (General)
Hailing from Colombia, Margarita reports on various issues across the globe, hoping to translate her skills into a career as a writer.
Mariam Tell
Staff Writer (General)
Having grown up in a melange of cultures, Mariam is able to uniquely explore the world's current events as an NCN staff writer.
Marketing & Outreach Team

The No Cap News (NCN) Marketing & Outreach Team works to expand the overall reach and impact of the organization on a worldwide basis.

Hazel Gonzales
Outreach Director
Serving as an outreach director, Hazel guides efforts to expand the overall reach and impact of NCN.
Mahima Shyno
Marketing & Outreach Staffer
As a staffer, Mahima assists in leading NCN's efforts to expand in size and impact as an organization.
Samantha Cruz
Marketing & Outreach Staffer
Serving on the Marketing & Outreach team, Samantha works to expand NCN's increasingly global reach.
Anastasia Larionova
Marketing & Outreach Staffer
As a Marketing & Outreach staffer Anastasia is delighted to help expand NCN to create a better, more informed future for all.
Gregory Demirjian
Marketing & Outreach Staffer (Dual Role)
In his dual role, Gregory continues to write pieces for NCN's news reporting team while helping lead marketing and outreach.
David Lu
Operations Coordinator
As an operations coordinator, David leads the development of the organization's Patreon outreach and presence.
Saksham Sharma
Marketing & Outreach Staffer
Saksham assists in efforts to grow the extent to which NCN can impact and inform youth across the globe.