Musk’s SpaceX wins Pentagon Award for missile tracking satellites

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Elon Musk’s company, SpaceX, has received a $149 million contract to build missile-tracking satellites for the Pentagon, Business Insider reports. This contract would be the first SpaceX contract affiliated with the government. Four satellites will be placed in the Starlink assembly plant at the US Space Development Agency located in Redmond, Washington. These satellites will have the ability to track intercontinental ballistic missiles which travel at long distances and are difficult to track and intercept, states Reuters. Another company called 3Harris Technologies was awarded $193 million to build four more satellites as well. Both SpaceX and 3Harris Technologies will have their launches ready by fall 2022.  

In 2019, SpaceX had a history with the Air Force since they were paid $28 million to use Starlink satellite networks for testing encrypted internet services with military planes, states Daily Times. The SpaceX company is known for creating reusable rockets and astronaut capsules. As of now, the Pentagon and Elon Musk are working to experiment on rocket usage for exporting cargo around the world, hoping to use rockets for the U.S. military so they’d be able to send supplies anywhere on Earth in an efficient matter of time, says Yahoo. Even though this plan is mildly in the works, the project will be quite expensive and time-consuming.  

The future of the space industry is anticipated to emerge. In September, the Bank of America states that the space economy is likely to grow by $1 trillion in the next decade since satellite equipment and space tourism will be prominent in innovation.