What is No Cap News?

No Cap News is a student-run global news organization created to provide today’s youth with factual, non-partisan news coverage from around the world: all in the name of empowering a new generation of global citizens.

The Story Behind No Cap News

Stuck at home during the 2020 coronavirus pandemic and frustrated by the widespread misinformation and confusion surrounding the outbreak, two teenagers set out on a mission: to create a streamlined, easily digestible news source for others to stay in touch with the latest stories (coronavirus-related or not) from around the world.

And thus, No Cap News (NCN) was born: a student-run organization dedicated to reliably informing 21st-century youth about the latest global political, economic, and social news headlines—all in a factual, nonpartisan manner. Our fundamental belief is that, by keeping our peers informed about major world events, they will grow to become more compassionate, globally aware individuals, ready to tackle the global challenges of the future.

Since then, No Cap News has grown to become led by an international team of over student 30 staffers, working day and night to report news stories in a fashion that prioritizes quality over quantity. In less than three months from its original launch, NCN has reached over 310,000 young cumulative readers from across the world–an ever-expanding statistic.

Frequently Asked Questions

Get to know us better. View the answers that we’ll typically receive from those interested in learning more about No Cap News.

If you find yourself wanting to learn more, feel free to contact us through any of our social channels, or by emailing us at [email protected].

What is No Cap News supposed to be in the first place?

No Cap News (otherwise known as NCN) is a multimedia global news organization that’s created for today’s youth, by today’s youth. Through articles and other offerings, NCN seeks to inform young global citizens about pertinent world news events.

What does it mean to be a
nonpartisan news source?

As a nonpartisan organization, No Cap News prides itself on not being biased towards one particular political group or party, unlike many of today’s popular media outlets that have left much of today’s youth disillusioned with politics.

What does 'No Cap' mean? Why call it No Cap News?

The expression ‘No Cap’ is a colloquialism meaning ‘no lie’ or ‘for real,’ particularly common among youth. And so, given our dedication to facts and veracity in informing youth, naming ourselves ‘No Cap News’ only made sense.

I'm an interested student. How can I get involved?

If you’re a student in some capacity, you have the ability to apply for a No Cap News position here. We highly encourage you to do so! Nevertheless, keep in mind that acceptances are selective; as such, be sure to craft a strong application.